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The Most Effective Way to Get Your Message to Long Island’s Most Important Consumers – Long Island Women

Since 2001, Long Island Woman has effectively been reaching a cross section of upscale and educated women throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties who seek services and products that make their lives more meaningful, comfortable and enjoyable.

These are the women who make many of the important purchasing decisions that affect them and their families’ lives. These are involved consumers who seek useful information to guide them in their decision making process.

Long Island Woman provides them with the information they need and want and is your direct connection to this important target market. We’ve earned the trust and loyalty of this highly desirable and valuable readership since 2001. No other area publication targets and reaches this sought after consumer as effectively as Long Island Woman!


Long Island Woman provides a quality award winning editorial environment with an attractive design that is smart, entertaining and informative. It is designed to keep the reader involved and interested from the beginning of the publication to the end.

Long Island Woman is recognized for its exclusive high profile exclusive celebrity cover stories/interviews. Our extensive monthly calendar, What to Do, is the only monthly calendar that caters to the varied interests of Long Island women.

We also provide the most extensive listing of support groups on Long Island. Long Island Woman has won numerous awards every year since 2002 for its quality editorial content and design.

  • Long Island Woman has a readership of over 95,000* every month that targets and reaches educated and affluent women.
  • Free controlled and monitored circulation (28,000 copies**) at over 1,000 select target-market locations including, libraries, health clubs, doctor’s offices, hospitals, spas, salons, fashion shops, banks, eateries, etc.
  • Publisher has over 41 years of experience publishing successful targeted niche publications on Long Island. (Long Island Parenting News, The Island-Ear)
  • *Based on 3.4 pass-along ratio from Long Island Woman Reader Survey, July 2017

    **Plus or minus 1,000 copies

Long Island Woman readers are of the generation that still enjoy and prefer reading print publications!